Home Protection Crystal Kit

Home Protection Crystal Kit 

Front door: Black Tourmaline

Place the Tourmaline near the front door. It will Cleanse and protect against toxic, negative energy entering your home.


Bedroom: Rose Quartz, Amethyst

Bring romance, love and joy to your room with Rose Quartz. Enhance the “vibe” by placing your crystal under the mattress, mattress cover, or sheet at the end of the bed. Place a piece of Amethyst in your pillow case, under the front end of your mattress or mattress cover for a good night’s sleep. Amethyst helps with nightmares and insomnia.


Living room: Clear Quartz, Hematite

Place Hematite near your electronics, TV, or Internet Modem to eliminate electromagnetic pollution from your devices. Place the Clear Quartz near where you sit in the living room to cleanse and ground your energy and recharge your Aura. This will clear any toxic energy.


Kitchen: Citrine

Citrine is an uplifting, happy, energizing Crystal, so it’s a great one for increasing your creativity while you’re cooking and entertaining.


Bathroom: Smoky Quartz

Place a piece of Smoky Quartz in your bathroom to release blockages, clear negative, toxic energy from your Aura, and allow growth within yourself.


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