How to Apply your Vinyl Decal

How to Apply your Vinyl Decal

How to Apply your Vinyl Decal

Each Decal/Sticker has 3 layers of material!

Top – Transfer Tape, which is used to apply the decal to your surface!

Middle – The Decal/Sticker itself!  And…. The Bottom – Is a self-release paper backing.

Lay it on a flat surface, with a clean (hand, squeegee, credit card, etc) Firmly with a gentleness go back and forth across the transfer tape layer in sweeping motions.

Your sweeping pressure is making sure there is contact between the transfer tape, and the decal/sticker!


Step 1 – Completely clean and dry your desired location! I personally use a foaming glass cleaner and lint free towel!

Step 2 – Carefully removed the transfer tape and decal together! Pay attention that the decal stays with the transfer tape! GET READY! Its Go Time!

Step 3 – Patience…Breath…Slow and Steady! Align your Decal/Sticker, press it against the desired surface. Now again with your desired sweeping tool (Hand, Squeegee, credit card, etc) Firmly go across transfer tape in all directions to confirm great adhesion!

Step 4 – Slowly peel the transfer tape at a sharp angle to limit any lift from the Decal/Sticker!

Step 5 – Admire a Job Well Done! You did it! Pat yourself on the back!!!!!!!!!!!

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