Prophecy Stones.... Have you heard about them??

Prophecy Stones.... Have you heard about them??

Prophecy Stones are something new to our shop. I had never heard much about them so of course I had to do my research and learn as much as I could about these rare and fascinating stones.

Here's a bit of what I found out. Prophecy Stones are a very rare and special stone from Egypt. It is said that they help those who seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future. They are excellent at helping one also receive guidance about matters and practical choices that must be made. A very wise, powerful stone. Once you have made a deep connection to the stone you may receive powerful messages. WOW! Pretty interesting!!

After holding these amazing stones, I noticed I was having a difficult time putting them down. They have a high vibration and feel amazing. They are also so interesting to the touch. I would say they look like a little meteor. I could roll them around in my hand forever. 

Each of these Gems are different with these weird like spikes that shoot out in every direction. They feel so fascinating. Here's a bit more information I learned:

Prophecy Stone is a stone of the Seeker and the Transformer. It is ideal for those of us who want to transform our lives and help us find a new path in life. It helps us to find the proper path to receive those things that we desire.

Prophecy Stone is an ideal stone for meditation, as it can offer us grounding, strength, and centering. It provides growth, expansion, new beginnings, and attracts abundance into our lives. It is deeply nourishing stone that optimizes health and vitality.

It seems this Gem has so many areas of healing and direction covered. I would suggest one of these to anyone looking to make a change, looking for an answer, starting a new journey or beginning again. I also suggest this stone to anyone looking for an interesting stone for their collection. I had to keep a few for my own collection! I can't wait to start working with it. These are available in our Etsy shop right now.

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