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Karma And Coral

12 days of Christmas Advent Calendars- Crystal Edition

12 days of Christmas Advent Calendars- Crystal Edition

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Our 12 days of Christmas Crystals Advent Calendars are BACK filled with High Quality Crystals!!!! We are so excited to share these Holiday Crystal bundles with you! These are great gifts to give and even better gifts to give yourself!!!

Each item in every bundle is wrapped individually in either tissue paper and/or bubble wrap for safety of course, and then in a super cute Holiday bag. All of these bundles are labeled for a countdown to open for 12 days of Christmas!! Every bundle is different so if you purchase more than 1, you will receive different items. The larger sets will include multiple bags since the items are larger.

There are cardstock labels in each of the sets so you can identify your items

I wanted to create different sets with different price points. If a set costs more than another in its category, that means the Crystals are a higher value. For instance, the Raw Crystals get larger in size and value the higher the number & cost of the set. Each is priced according to the Crystals within that particular set. These are a wonderful value and priced much less than if you purchased each item separately!

Each bundle is ready to ship.

Choice of:
- 12 Days of Tumbles all polished, high quality and oval shaped (1" - 1.75" long) ($2 or less each tumble)
- 12 Days of Raw Crystals (1" - 3" long)
- 12 Days of Mini Mushrooms (.70” – 1”) (Value $36)
- 12 Days of small/tiny Crystals & Carvings- May include: shapes, worry stones, spheres, animals,
points, etc. (Values- Set 1- $38, Set 2- $46, Set 3- $48, Set 4- $66)
- 12 Days of Mixed Crystals Deluxe - (May include carvings, shapes, towers, spheres, palms, Free
forms, double points, etc.) (Value $175)
- 12 Days of Crystals & Healing Sets - This set is amazing and filled with a little of everything for your
healing journey - Crystals, multiple healing kits, Oracle Cards, Healing tools of all sorts, jewelry,
and so much more) (Value $135)

I can create anything for you. If something is sold out or if you are looking for something particular, just let me know what you are wanting and your price point and I can create it :)
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