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Karma And Coral

Dragon's Blood Gemstone Large Tumbles

Dragon's Blood Gemstone Large Tumbles

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These Dragon's Blood large tumbles so beautiful and very substantial!!! They are heavy and beaming with good energy. They feel amazing in your hand.
The patterns are so pretty!

You will receive (1) Gemstone from the photo
These beauties range from .82" - 1.32" long x .84" x 1" thick

Dragon Blood Jasper’s deep green represents a dragon’s tough skin with a loving heart. Dragons are promoters of justice and protectors of life. The deep red represents the dragon's blood, igniting the fire within to increase physical strength, courage, confidence, endurance, and focus. The frequency of the stone helps bring the mind and body into a state of calm aiding a person in setting and achieving goals, ignite creativity, and the pursuit to right all wrongs. Dragon’s Blood will aid in the healing journey of self discovery, and self love. Powerful when paired with Labradorite, known as a talisman of the Dragon’s heart.
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