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Karma And Coral

Fire & Ice Quartz Towers

Fire & Ice Quartz Towers

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Oh my goodness these Fire and Ice Quartz towers are stunning! Each has amazing clarity and they feel amazing in your hand! I like to manifest with mine because it truly feels powerful!
The rainbows these give off are incredible! There are windows throughout the entire crystal!

Measurements taken are height x thickness

1)   2.36" x 1.21"  tip is chipped - discounted

2)   2.52" x .90

3)   3.22" x .79"

4)   3.33" x .75"

This Crystal has high vibrational energy opens, balances, cleanses and aligns all of one’s chakras and energy fields, so that energy can flow unhindered through one’s chakric system helping to greatly increase one’s vibrational energy.

Fire and Ice Quartz opens one’s consciousness to the higher dimensions so that one may receive guidance and wisdom and be receptive to one’s soul’s impulses.

The rainbows within the crystalline matrix raises the vibrations of the Quartz so that its energy works multi-dimensional.

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