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Karma And Coral

Fire Quartz/Hematoid spheres

Fire Quartz/Hematoid spheres

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These Fire Quartz/Hematoid spheres are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Choose your favorite one! There are Reds, Oranges, some yellows all swirled through Quartz with rainbows in many of them. You can stare at these beauties all day! There is so much going on within. The color is stunning and it looks like there is fire within. These feel amazing and are so special.

These are perfect for your Crystal grid, to carry with you, for Chakra sets, to place on your altar, or just have in your collection

1) .62"
2) .65"
3) .65"
4) .65"
5) .74"
6) .74"
7) .74"
8) .81"
9) .85"

Good for self esteem, removes negativity, balances body mind spirit. Helps you to understand why you do something so you can have a conscious response rather than an unconscious reaction. Focus & concentration, grounding, calms anxieties, panic & hysterics.
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