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Karma And Coral

Gemstone Key

Gemstone Key

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These keys are beautiful and great size. Choices are: Howlite, Clear Quartz, Indigo Fluorite,  Sodalite
The cut is beautiful and they feel so special!

Read below for the symbolism of Keys. These are quite substantial. The clear quartz are so much prettier in person. The breaks show flash and rainbows in some. So Amazing!

3" long

In key symbolism keys represent knowledge and success. They can open doors which are closed to other than the key holder. Possessing a key gives a person access to locked rooms.

The key is also a symbol of freedom and liberation.

In modern romantic notion a key necklace may symbolize “the key to my heart”.

This is a love symbol much like the heart symbol.

Keys have been used as a symbol of authority and power for ages in many societies and ceremonies around the world.
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