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Karma And Coral

Golden Healer Quartz Tumbles

Golden Healer Quartz Tumbles

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These Golden Healer Quartz Tumbles are amazing! The color variations are so pretty and you can feel the high vibration! These Crystals clear blockages and imbalances allowing you to recharge and heal. The Golden striations within are truly stunning and will keep you staring forever!

You will receive (1) Gem from the photos
These Gems range from .89" - 1.23" x .36" - .71" thick

Natural Golden Healer quartz brings the energy of the sun into our lives, balancing the solar plexus and bringing us a deeper sense of joy. Whether you are going for natural yellow quartz or tumbled yellow quartz, both can elicit transformation in your life and help you manifest your desires. By supporting self-confidence and boosting physical energy.
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