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Karma And Coral

Larvikite Gemstone Cubes

Larvikite Gemstone Cubes

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Larvikite is so pretty and these cubes do not disappoint! These are the first cubes of this material to come to our shop and we are so excited about it!! These cubes have amazing flash!!! No matter how you look at it, you see flash shining.

These beauties range from .87" - 1.01" in size

♥ Grounding ♥ Protective ♥ Patience

There may be some perfect imperfect area, some Natural areas or imperfect corners- please see photos

Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone. It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature. Larvikite can neutralize and cancel spells that are no longer wanted. It repels negative energy. Larvikite increases our security in the strength of our own intellect, stimulates creativity and the exchange of wisdom. Larvikite helps us to see ourselves through the eyes of our higher self.
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