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Karma And Coral

Lavender Rose Quartz Palmstones

Lavender Rose Quartz Palmstones

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These Lavender Rose Quartz Palmstones are so pretty! The color is fascinating with so many hues of deep purple, Pink, Blue, and Lavender Rose! It is so difficult to explain unless you are already a Lavender Rose Quartz lover! There are also traces of Blue Lavender Rose Quartz within some of these beauties! There is flash in many of these palms with Gemmy areas of Crystal and a few have an Asterism stars. This is the perfect Gem to help dispel negative energy and feelings. It helps to change the course of our mood to a positive one.

There is a labeled photo showing one side and the next photo is the opposite side of the palms.
As you can see in the photos these beauties are mostly smooth but do have some natural areas of imperfections and caves that were in the way during the carving process. I have discounted these because of this. Please expect a perfectly imperfect Gem that has amazing Natural effects

Measurements taken are length on the longest side x thickness

1) 1.25" x .92"
2) 1.36" x .57"
3) 1.40" x .95"
4) 1.70" x .58"
5) 1.49" x .79"
6) 1.60" x .81"
7) 1.55" x .80"
8) 1.93" x .72"
9) 1.90" x .44"
10) 1.66" x .72"
11) 1.86" x .91"
12) 2.16" x .96"

This crystal will dispel negative feelings such as lack of self-worth and low self-esteem and help you to replace them with a more positive view of yourself and the world. It will help you enjoy the moment, and appreciate the things around you. Used by healers to reduce physical pain caused by tension and stress it can also ease you into a more relaxed sleep.

Ideal for those in need of some self-confidence and a more positive view of the world. Also suitable for those of the clairvoyant nature.
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