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Malachite Free Form, Malachite Slab, Crystal Slice

Malachite Free Form, Malachite Slab, Crystal Slice

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These Natural Malachite Crystal Medallions are stunning! They are so pretty with the most amazing designs and feel so special with Malachite vibration. If you know Malachite, you know that there are swirls and twirls and circles of colors and these don't disappoint. The green is stunning. Pictures do not do these pieces justice! They also have a beautiful polish

You could do anything with these pieces. You could use them for jewelry, you could keep them in your pocket for the perfect pocket worry stone, you could keep them near you on your altar or shelf, and these are the perfect size to manifest with. Just simply stunning. The perfect size to be able to own a beautiful piece of Malachite.

Measurements taken are heights x width x thickness

1) 1.27" x .92" x .27"

2) 1.36" x .90" x .31"

3) 1.30" x .94" x .31"

4) 1.32" x .93" x .34"

5) 1.45" x .96" x .33"

6) 1.38" x 1.11" x .33"

Malachite is a protection stone, that absorbs negative energies and toxins from the atmosphere and from the body. This stone protects you in any environment, especially in your home, workplace, and pocket. Malachite protects and overcomes fears of flying if you empower the crystal before a trip. Carry the stone with you and it will protect you and your fears during travels. It helps with jet lag, encourages smooth business travel, and protects in travel on congested highways.
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