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Karma And Coral



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Each mystery Crystal box contains randomly selected crystals from our shop, plus some fun extra surprises! We are so excited to put your box together for you!! We will use our experience, knowledge, and intuition to guide us to create the perfect mystery box for you! No man made Crystals in these boxes unless you request one and all Crystals are high quality.

Each Box comes with a Card that lists your Crystals for identification

Here’s how it works:
• First choose your Box Option (info on these below)
• Next, in the Personalization section, let me know any important information that you want me to know while creating your box. For example: Favorite Color or Favorite Crystal or Don't wants or if you would like the box curated around a specific intention. We will accommodate as best as possible according to our stock as well as the value of the item you are hoping for according to the option box you purchased. (no request is 100% guaranteed but I will do my best!).

Mystery box Options:
(Options D&E ship for free)

Option A - $18 – you will receive 5 small crystals that may include cubes, tumbles, mini spheres, Raw Crystals, carvings etc.
Option B - $28 – you will receive 1 tower (2"- 3") and 4 small Crystals (may include) cubes, tumbles, mini spheres, carvings etc.
Option C - $36 - you will receive 3 towers, all sizes & materials (1"- 3.5")
Option D- $80 – you will receive 5 Crystals - a variety of sizes, Crystal materials & styles/shapes.
Option E - $130 - you will receive 6 - 8 Crystals - a variety of Crystal materials, sizes and/or styles/shapes.

As with all of our Mystery boxes, each box is valued higher than you will pay individually!!
The higher the value of Option of box, the higher value/material of Crystals I am able to offer in that box.
These mystery boxes are fun for gifts or for yourself!

All of our Crystals are of the highest quality and ethically sourced.

***If you have purchased a Mystery box from me in the past please feel free to tell me what you received prior so I don't duplicate. I create these boxes purely from intention and I may feel you need a specific Crystal and don't want to duplicate again because I may feel you still need that Crystal.

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