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Karma And Coral

Phantom Quartz Crystal Tower

Phantom Quartz Crystal Tower

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Phantom Quartz is a magical stone and these towers don't disappoint! These High Quality mini towers have worlds within with the most beautiful Reds, Orange, yellow, and Greens of Goethite, Chlorite, and Hematite. Another name for this stone is Garden Quartz and it makes perfect sense since it looks like little magical gardens within. Some looking tropical with bright colors.

These are High Quality!

Measurements taken are height x thickness

1)   2.55" x 1.40"

2)   2.67" x 1.70"

3)   2.92" x 1.22"

The Phantom Quartz crystal stone meaning teaches us that the first step in letting go of past traumas is leaving behind the ego and allowing the soul to learn and grow from the experience. In fact, psychologists even have a name for this remarkable phenomenon

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