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Karma And Coral

Tourmaline in Quartz Tower

Tourmaline in Quartz Tower

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These Tourmaline in Quartz Crystal towers are truly magical. There are Black Tourmaline rutiles throughout these beauties. Some have a few and some have a few hundred. This Crystal is a master healer including 2 very important Crystals. Tourmaline is a protection stone that absorbs negative energy from you and your space. Quartz is an amplifying Crystal. It will amplify the healing properties of other Crystals and also absorbs energy and releases positive energy. Using this Crystal allows you to stay balanced and clear of any negative energy or aura. A must for any collection!!!

Each one has flash or rainbows shining through. Every single one has something special about it. I could stare at them all day.

Measurements taken are height x thickness


1)   1.88" x 1.03"

2)   2.12" x 1"

3)   2.59" x 1.05"

4)   3.21" x 1.03" Chip in tip - see photos - Discounted

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