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Karma And Coral

African Bloodstone Gemstone Cube

African Bloodstone Gemstone Cube

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These African Bloodstone cubes are so amazing! They are the first ones to come to our shop in the form of a Cube and they are jaw-dropping stunning!! They are larger, perfect size and amazing quality. You can see all of the amazing colors and inclusions within these cubes. Many have Pyrite and the prettiest areas of Chalcedony. The layers and inner workings of these beauties will have you looking at them forever! They have a beautiful shine and feel so smooth. Many have beveled corners and edges - see photos

Measurements taken are on the largest side
1) .89"
2) .98"
3) .98"
4) .96"

The meaning of African bloodstone comes from the strengthening properties of this African bloodstone. Also known as African blood jasper, this mineral has the meaning of cleansing and detox. African Bloodstone Properties / Blood Stone Properties. African bloodstone has powerful properties that can boost energy and vitality.
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