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Karma And Coral

Burn Tin, Let it Go Kit Gemstone Tin

Burn Tin, Let it Go Kit Gemstone Tin

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These new and updated Burn Kits, Etched Tins are perfect for anyone needing to LET IT GO and MOVE ON and FORWARD and.... now are filled with Crystals to help you follow through and heal!!! Read below for info on what is included in each kit and read even lower down to see why I added those Crystals and what they mean for your change and healing journey!! You will receive the exact tin you choose!

Filled with Crystals to cleanse, burn that anger, hurt and distrust, manifest your future, and love whom is most important....YOU!!! Now packed with more Crystals to help you get through this stressful experience. Also makes the perfect gift for someone you know that needs some help in the right direction!!

These are perfect even for the simplest need to just move in a different direction all the way to needing someone or something out of your life!!!
It truly helps to release the anger and hurt and let things go. I created this for myself needing to let something in my past go and it worked!! I held onto this situation for 2 years and as soon as I released it, my life has changed. It can for you too!!

*The cutest Etched Tin - Etched by my hubby. The etching will not come off. He etched the square tins at a temperature degree where it has a beautiful rainbow effect and etched on the sides of the round tins (Let it go)
*In the tin is an instruction sheet if you choose to follow (example below)
*A few pieces of Paper to write your feelings and what you are letting go of
*An Etched pencil explaining this is being written with the intent to let it go

These tins also include a Raw Quartz Point, piece of Black Tourmaline, and Tigers Eye Heart Worrystone

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