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Karma And Coral

Dendritic Jade Towers

Dendritic Jade Towers

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These Dendritic Jade Towers are so amazing! Dendritic Jade is so special and these towers shine! The "trees" and "branches" are so amazing. The color variations throughout are so special and look like little trees. The last 6 photos show different sides of the towers.

Measurements taken are height x thickness

1)   3.95" x .91"

2)   3.95" x .86"

3)   4.15" x .98"

4)   4.32" x 1" 

This stone nudges out negative thought patterns, gifts you the courage and wisdom to welcome your own sage advice and is all about upping self-sufficiency so you feel allowed and proud to stand on your own two feet.  Jade is intrinsically linked to ideas of purity, and this doesn’t mean living without a shadow side, but being clear of mind and calm of heart to embrace every angle of yourself. Jade wants to soak you in self-love and ease you into familiar patterns of acceptance that are sure to stay.

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