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Karma And Coral

Raw Garnet Gemstones

Raw Garnet Gemstones

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I am so excited for these Garnet Raw Gems!!! I have wanted to get these for our shop for so long but we waited until we found the quality we were looking for!

These Garnet Gems are in their raw form. You could tumble them if you wanted!! They are stunning and a beautiful quality. These Gems are perfect to carry or for your Altar. It was tough catching the clarity as they look dark in the photos and are darker until you hit them with light. Up to the light that are wine red and stunning. Each different in its own way.

These beauties range from .95" - 1.14" in size

The stone of commitment, Garnet is a glorious gem for those seeking a helping hand when it comes to all things relationship. It’s adept at clearing out negative energies by flushing toxins, not only from your body but also your life in general. It works closely with those grounding chakras to keep you safe and steady on your feet and less likely to slip into traps of self-doubt and jealousy and all those traits that can get in the way of forging a close-knit bond with your loved one.
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