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Karma And Coral

Self Care Crystal & Organic Epsom Salt Tea Bag Bath Sets

Self Care Crystal & Organic Epsom Salt Tea Bag Bath Sets

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These Self Care Crystal & Organic Epsom Salt Tea Bag Bath Sets are amazing. Everything you need to relax and let go of the day and the year. Included are self-love, grounding, and manifesting Crystals along with your choice of amazing smelling and soothing Organic Epsom Salt Bags and Organic Body Bath Tea bags. The Epsom salt helps ease aches & soreness while smelling amazing. These bags are created and put together in a cleansed and sanitized kitchen. Epsom salt is Organic and I only use Organic Essential Oils and Organic Green Tea. The Tea bag filters are made of Natural wood pulp filter paper. They are fully biodegradable & environmental friendly. The Crystals can get wet so you are able to place your Crystals on the side of the tub and/or place in your tub while you bathe.

This is a perfect time to enjoy some time to yourself while manifesting your intentions. Your set will help you release negative energy and fill you with positive vibes and a clear mind for your future. Your Rose Quartz Crystal will help with many things. It can be used to manifest true love, help see yourself for the amazing person you are (Self-Love and healing), and open communication for you so you are able to speak your truth to yourself and others, and move forward. The Clear Quartz will help ground your energy and clear any negative energy around you and within you.

Your Set will include:
(1) Epsom Salt 5oz. bag
(1) Epsom Salt Tea bag (set of 2)
(1) Rose Quartz bubble heart (2" x .75" thick)
(1) High Quality Clear Quartz Gemstone
(1) Super 7 Chip jar (2.22" tall)

Epsom Salt Bag (5oz.) Options:
-Eucalyptus & Spearmint (Soothes, calms and relaxes the mind & body)
-CBD Hemp Seed Oil (Moisturizes & soothes skin - Soothes worries and anxieties)
-Lavender (Promotes a good night's sleep - Calming to a long day's aches and worries)

Epsom Salt Body Tea Bag (3oz.) Options:
-CBD Hemp Seed Oil + Lemongrass
-Lavender + Chamomile + Vetiver
-CBD Hemp Seed Oil + Organic Loose Green Tea
-Lemongrass + Organic Loose Green Tea
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