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Karma And Coral

Star Rose Quartz Sphere

Star Rose Quartz Sphere

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These Star Rose Quartz Spheres are amazing! Each one has a beautiful Asterism shinning!!! It is difficult to catch all of the stars in the video or pictures, but each one has one!!! Choose your favorite!!

An asterism is a star-shaped concentration of reflected or refracted light from a gemstone. So each has a illuminating star shining on it

1)   1.12"

2)   1.14"

3)   1.14"

4)   1.14"

5)   1.17"

6)   1.18"

7)   1.17"

8)   1.20"

Star Rose Quartz is a gemstone that fills your heart with love. It is used to increase love luck and improve relationships. From ancient times, it has been valued as a gemstone that has the energy of goddess and angels. Star Rose Quartz gives love to you and others around you

*** sphere stands not included but available in our Etsy shop
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