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Karma And Coral

Thousand Layer tumbles

Thousand Layer tumbles

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These Thousand Layer tumbles are amazing! Each one is completely different and has deep layers of amazing inclusions to look at. Some even have Hematoid and Phantom Quartz within. We are so excited to have this incredible Crystal in a tumble/small palm size. The photos had a difficult time catching all of the stunning inclusions within but they are there and so beautiful!! These beautiful Gems are polished and feel amazing. Some do a rough area where the inclusions are able to be felt. So special!!! This is a more rare stone to find so we are so excited to share them with you.

You will receive (1) Gem from the photos
These are all over an inch in size, ranging from 1.08" - 1.45" long x .60" - 1.08"

Thousand layer quartz is a type of Iodolite, or scenic, quartz. The inclusions form in beautiful layers. lodolite has an amazing healing vibration. Not only is it good for physical healing, but it's great for spiritual healing and healing past life trauma. It's also an amazing stone for meditation and shamanic work. It will bring everything hidden to the surface and release it into the light.

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