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Karma And Coral

Troilite Gemstone Hearts

Troilite Gemstone Hearts

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These Troilite Gemstone hearts are so special! This is a crystal of manifestation. The heart shape is perfect and these feel amazing!
These are high quality and both sides are amazing!
These are the first hearts of this material to come to our shop! We are so excited to share them with you!!

Measurements are length x thickness

1) 1.64" x .80"
2) 1.59" x .83"
3) 1.75" x .78"
4) 1.81" x .77"
5) 1.78" x .87"
6) 1.82" x .71"
7) 1.85" x .87" 
8) 1.87" x .94"
9) 3.21" x 1.35"

A Stone of Rapid Growth, Healing & Ascension
Trolleite is also quick to release negative feelings such as anger, rage, frustration and hurt as it works to support us in achieving mental clarity, a calm energy system and emotional balance. The energy is both strong, yet blissfully and deeply connected at the same time.
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